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To celebrate the release of our new EP 'The Anchor', we're offering 4 fantastic EP bundles to choose from.

Bundle #1 - 'The Anchor' EP and official 'The Anchor' wristband.

Bundle #2 - Bundle #1 and official 'The Anchor' t-shirt.

Bundle #3 - Bundle #2 and a digital booklet featuring behind-the-scenes content following the band from their inception to the release of 'The Anchor' (including unseen photographs, stories, artwork, music, and more!)

Select your package from the drop-down menu, and please email us at info@speakinginshadows.co.uk with your wristband colour preference (black or purple) and t-shirt size.

If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@speakinginshadows.co.uk


  • Bundle #1
    99 in stock
  • Bundle #2
    100 in stock
  • Bundle #3
    99 in stock